Quality, sustainability & innovation

Designing & manufacturing for a sustainable future

Sustainable HUB

Awareness & reduction

Being aware of the modern day impact on the planet is just the start. As manufacturers and as human beings we have to take active steps to be responsible for our contribution to the planet’s future. Reducing our waste, energy consumption and pollution is fundamental in every element of our approach.






Supporting our industries 

Manufactured in the UK

The majority of our furniture is manufactured in the UK using highly skilled tradespeople working in safe, clean and industry-standard driven environments.

Using British manufacturers significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to products imported from overseas. Furthermore it supports the UK economy and ensures consistent quality with regular site visits from the HUB team.

Maintaining manufacturing within the UK also means that as products are travelling a much shorter distance to their destination, they require much less protective packaging.




Sustainable approach

Striving towards a sustainable future

HUB furniture is protected with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard wrap which is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap, especially as it is fastened with recyclable bio-degradable gummed paper tape. As well as being incredibly sustainable, the deep indentations in the cardboard wrap give our furniture great protection in transit.

All upholstery items (sofas, chairs and beds) are protected with reusable bubble bags which offer great protection during storage and transit and as they are reusable, this ensures there is no waste following delivery.

The methods that HUB use for the storage and transit of furniture is totally unique and a completely sustainable alternative to traditional materials used by most other companies.



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